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One of the greatest joys in pediatrics is the opportunity to partner with you for health maintenance examinations, following the Bright Futures Guidelines and the schedule recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics. From newborns to late teens we allot ample time to discuss growth and development, healthy choices, general care and anticipatory guidance.

Well Visits

Well Visits

Let’s partner in monitoring your child’s growth and development and keeping your child healthy.

    The schedule for well visits is listed in the adjacent table.  We schedule well visits up to 6 months in advance especially during the first year of life.  For older children and teens need to be scheduled yearly unless they have ongoing health problems. Please plan ahead and call in advance, especially if you know forms for school or camp are required. 

Take Advantage of Our Unique ON LINE INTAKE for Well Visits

From home, on our patient portal, you will see the intake form(s) for the appropriate age attached to your child’s upcoming appointment. Up to 5 days in advance we ask you to complete the questionnaire and submit, which will place your answers securely right into your child’s chart. Our patients find this is very convenient and efficient and we have found the information we receive is more complete and collaborative when done from home. We therefore have more time during the visit to discuss the important issues and concerns and be sure all your questions are answered.

Access All Your

Info Online:


Prescription Refills
Lab Results
Health Records
What to Expect at Well Visits:


We will take a detailed history about feeding, diapers, sleep, development and any concerns you have. We will measure and weigh, plot a growth curve, examine, do developmental screens and give immunizations following the AAP schedule. Click here for more information about vaccines and the immunization schedule. We also do a finger prick for anemia at the 9 month visit.


We will take a detailed history including social, developmental and school issues, nutrition, and any concerns. Measurements, growth chart, BMI, blood pressure, and an exam are always done. Hearing and vision screens and immunizations are done at the appropriate ages. Lipid screening is done at age 9.

Teens/Young Adults

We will take a history from the parent regarding any concerns, and then have the teen complete the intake. As your teen gets older, they need to take a more active role in their health care so questions and health plans will be directed towards them. We are not excluding you from the discussion but some topics may need confidential attention to develop the best health plan moving forward. An exam is done along with any other recommended procedures and immunizations. We gather information needed to complete sports forms and do depression screens, alcohol use screens, and screen our older teens for STIs per the AAP guidelines.

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Please remember to bring any school, sports, or camp forms that need to be completed. These will be done free of any additional charge if they are brought to the checkup.
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