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Adolescence is an exciting time of physical and emotional growth and self-discovery. It is also a time of increasing independence and challenges, as teenagers begin to experience the world as young adults. Our providers use this time to nurture a teenager’s development, and can help when there are significant concerns.


Adolescent Health

The teenage years can be filled with uncertainty for both the teens and their parents. We offer teens a safe place where their health needs and questions can be addressed in a confidential way, while at the same time working to facilitate communication with parents.


Out of respect for a teenager’s privacy and emerging role in personal decision-making, a portion of time during adolescent check-ups will be offered as one-on-one time with their provider. 

To help address the physical, emotional and social needs of our teens here are some of the services we offer:

  • Annual well checkups

  • Sports physicals

  • Cholesterol screens

  • Depression Screens

  • Adolescent immunizations

  • Nutrition

  • Drug and alcohol counseling

  • School issues

  • ADHD

  • GYN issues

  • STI screens

  • Acne

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