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As your medical home we are able to offer same day sick appointments for acute illness and injuries, schedule appointments between well visits for less acute concerns and follow up, and help guide you in deciding if a visit is even necessary.

Sick Visits

What To Expect At Sick Visits:

Sometimes parents are not sure if their child needs to be seen, and we offer our nurse line to help you decide. An example is fever. Often a call comes from your child’s day care saying that your child has a fever and to come immediately. A parent’s first response is often to think their child needs to be brought straight to the office. Fever, however, is a symptom that is common to almost all childhood illness. The temperature itself, unless the temp is greater than 100.4 in an infant, is much less important to us than the other symptoms and how your child is acting. Read here to learn more about fever. We want you to call us first, before rushing off to an urgent care center or minute clinic, except in a true medical emergency.

Sometimes injuries happen during the day (they seem to happen more often after hours!) and we can help assess whether it is best to come to our office or go to the emergency room. We can do minor suturing, derma bond, and can order an Xray if needed. We can often get you in to see a specialist and avoid the emergency room. Be sure to tell our front office staff that your child has had an acute injury so we can properly help you.

We do not make “sick visits” in advance. Often pediatric illness is viral and self limiting. Kids are much better a few days later and no longer need to be seen. If you call because your child is, for example wheezing, we want to see you that same day, not 4 days later! We do schedule recheck visits, and visits for more chronic conditions, such as eczema, behavior issues and allergies in advance.

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