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About Our Practice


Welcome to our practice!  My Kids Pediatric Partners is comprised of a dynamic group of providers, which include a board certified pediatrician and nurse practitioners dedicated to personalized medical care of our patients. We genuinely care about the children we serve and embrace a long-term commitment to our families. We want to learn from and grow with the needs of the community in the most effective way. We strive to work TOGETHER as a team with families to provide skilled and compassionate care from birth through college graduation.


We practice evidence based medical care to ensure our patients receive the most up to date recommendations and treatment.  We understand the vital role that families play. My Kids also embraces the concept of coordinated care, in working closely and in tandem with the Specialists we refer to and consult with. The emotional, social, cognitive, physical, developmental and nutritional support are integral components of health care.


My Kids will always provide stable, family centered care, personalized care because of our commitment to serve our patients and families.

The Practice

Our Office
Michelle Kunec Sudo, DO

Twenty year experience board certified pediatrician working with families in NEPA

Judy Sudo

Bookkeeper and Front Office, available to assist families and staff

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