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Attention Deficit Disorder w/ Hyperactivity (ADHD) 

As your medical home we are able to offer ADHD evaluations and medical management

ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)

A common concern we hear raised by parents and/or teachers is that a child is having difficulty keeping focused on activities including school work. Attention problems can interfere with behavior and performance both at home and at school. Unfortunately, exactly what is going on is not always clear. Some children will have ADHD – Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, either hyperactive type, inattention type or mixed. Others may have different behavioral issues, learning disabilities, anxiety, depression and/or other psychological issues that may complicate the picture and make a diagnosis difficult.

To help us sort out the various possibilities we use the Vanderbilt screening tool which is completed by parents and teachers. We ask that you download the forms and fax, mail, or drop them by when completed. Download and copy as many of all three forms as needed: parent formschool release forms and teacher forms. Once we receive all the forms one of the doctors will score the screen and you will be called to schedule an appointment, at which time we can gather more information and discuss the results.


Here is a link to the follow up forms for those patients on daily medication.

Sometimes we are able to make a potential diagnosis while other times we will recommend further testing, observation, or referral. If medications are indicated the choices will be discussed, along with a treatment and follow up plan.

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