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The Ultimate Baby Poop Color Chart

Children can get seriously ill from the flu, especially if they did not get a flu shot. During last year's flu season, 188 children under 19 died of complications from influenza, according to the CDC. Typically, about 80% of children who die from flu are not vaccinated. That's why children 6 months of age and older should get a flu vaccine before the start of the flu season each year.​
The best place to get a flu shot is your pediatrician's office.
Call us to schedule an appointment.

We are proud to announce that we will be using Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital Telephone Triage Service! Your after hours call will be answered by a live pediatric triage nurse. 

Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital is internationally renowned and is one of the nation's leading academic medical centers. The Rainbow Advice Center, a pediatric focused nurse triage and medical answering service, covers pediatricians' phones during off hours, giving parents immediate access to qualified experts in children's medical care. They will be answering calls on our behalf for evening and weekend calls. 

We look forward to adding this service to our practice!

Our website does provide basic patient education you can access at any time for a variety of sick & well child topics including over the counter medication dosing based on your child's weight. You can also access all your information on our portal and utilize our website for making prescription refills and appointment requests. 

Reminders for all appointments. When you arrive at our office, Please park in the parking lot, stay in your car, and call our office at (570) 235-1470 to let us know you have arrived. When you call please tell us the patient’s name and date of birth. We will call or text you when a room is ready. Remove all extra clothing and leave unnecessary bags/toys/other belongings in the car. We are asking that all adults wear masks and children over 3 years old.

We appreciate all of your cooperation as this is a very trying time for every parent and guardian. As always we are here for all of your child’s needs.

COVID-19 has changed many things about how we at My Kids Pediatric Partners practice medicine. Keeping you safe by keeping you home if possible is our paramount concern; this means we do a lot more care than we used to virtually. We are introducing Telemedicine via Anytime Pediatrics to offer virtual visits. This will allow you to do visits for rash, allergies, cold symptoms, vomiting, ADHD, Anxiety and Depression virtually. Please register your child via the link provided and call our office to schedule any necessary appointments.

While we have never charged families before for telephone care, we have seen an enormous spike in telephone visits since COVID-19. Dr. Sudo used to do 1-2 phone visits per week, but now she is doing 20-30 calls per week. We are happy to meet patient demand, but we must begin charging for this service to make it fiscally sustainable.

Beginning April 28, 2020, we will begin charging your insurance for doctor calls exceeding 5 minutes per day or nurse-only calls exceeding 15 minutes. Brief calls taking less than these thresholds will remain complimentary. Whether you have a cost share is determined by your insurance plan and policy. If you have questions about our policy, please
contact our billing office at RX Billing (570)-963-0535.


At Your Next Visit:


We ask that only one parent/guardian accompany the child during the visit. If you have other children, it would be best to leave them with someone at home or have them stay with an adult in the car during the office visit. This will help us to prevent the spread of exposure of ALL germs at this time.


When you arrive at our office, you do not have to come inside. Please park in the parking lot, stay in your car, and call our office at (570) 235-1470 to let us know you have arrived. 


When you call (570) 235-1470, please tell us the patient’s name and date of birth. We will call or text you when a room is ready. We will tell you the room number where you should go. Remove all extra clothing and leave unnecessary bags/toys/other belongings in the car. If we deem necessary we will ask both child and parent to put a mask on. 


If you have a copay, you will pay at the front desk first and then go to your room number. Otherwise, just walk straight back into the clinic.  The room numbers are located above the exam room doors and there will also be signs to follow in case you get lost. If your child is younger than 15 months old: You will walk straight into your assigned room. No need to stop at the weigh station.


Your nurse and provider will visit you in the exam room. Then when you are finished, you and your child can walk directly out of the office back to your car. You do not need to stop at the front desk on your way out. Your provider will be messaging the front desk as to any follow up you may need. 


Our office hours are not changing; we will be here during all regularly scheduled clinic hours if you need to be seen in the office. Our phones are still available 24 hours a day at 570-235-1470.  


Primary reasons your child will need a sick-visit appointment in the office are:


  • Any fever (>100.4F) in a baby under 60 days

  • Respiratory distress, including a barking cough, increased work of breathing, or cough that interferes with sleep or play

  • Dehydration signs

  • Sore throat in the absence of cold symptoms

  • Ear pain for more than 2 days in kids older than 2 years old, or in conjunction with fever in kids younger than 2 years old

  • Fever above 100.4 for more than 5 days


These changes are designed to keep all our patients and staff safe and we will continue to work to provide you with the very best care!

2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) -

In the event of an emergency, please call 911.
Thank you.
Watch our website for changes and closings.

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Accepting Newborns
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Now accepting newborns and transfer patients. We do not schedule any appointment without all records, and insurance information. Please call our office today.

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